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Silkies are one of the oldest, most beautiful

and unique breed of bantam chickens

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Bearded Bantam Silkies CHICKS AVAILABLE NOW  

As seen on the Tori and Dean

Tori and Dean Show

Tori and Dean TV Show Outtakes from Filming at Amber Waves Pygmy Goats and Silkies...
You can see this video by clicking







Chicks available Now  White, Black, Blue, Partridge and Splash

No Minimum purchase!

Shipping available on birds over 1 month of age weather permitting.

Guarantee Bearded Bantam Silkies

Amber Waves offers a one time guarantee on all chicks purchased from Amber Waves.  If any of your chicks turn out to be Roosters we will replace them one-time with available chicks at no cost except shipping (if applicable).  We cannot guarantee any specific color it depends on what is available at the time.  Guarantee expires 5 months from the date of purchase.

Amber Waves is a private Breeding of African Pygmy Goats, Bearded Bantam Silkies
and blue slate Turkeys Since 1982

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