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Silkies are one of the oldest, most beautiful

and unique breed of bantam chickens

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Here at Amber Waves, we are committed to continuing our long standing tradition of breeding beautiful, conformationally correct bearded bantam silkie chickens for show and for pets. As a leader in the silkie chicken breeding industry, Amber Waves is the trusted partner to turn to for all your silkie chicken needs. Whether you are interested in raising silkies to enjoy their fresh eggs, welcoming silkies into your life as pets, showing silkies, or perhaps a combination of the aforementioned, Amber Waves can provide you with top quality birds to get you started.

Your relationship is only beginning with Amber Waves once you decide to purchase silkie chickens because your birds come with Lifetime Support. Amber Waves provides silkie chicken novices and enthusiasts alike with the information they need to successfully raise their birds. A multitude of articles on all things related to silkies is just a mouse click away on the Amber Waves’ website Or course, silkie chicken support can always be obtained by directly contacting Amber Waves as well. Welcome to the fascinating world of silkie chickens!






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